2016 Riesling Limited Brut Nature

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Best quality for thirteen generations.

A unique base wine is the basis for our Limited Edition I 400 Years of Grans-Fassian.

Finesse and elegance impress with the finest perlage




Best quality for thirteen generations.

We can look back on 400 years of family tradition. Even in the early days, the focus of our family was not on quantity, but rather on owning only the best vineyards and, as a result, only the best quality. This way of thinking has been firmly established to this day and this is exactly what makes Grans-Fassian wines and sparkling wines so special.

We hold on to tradition and continue to run the winery with the conviction that our family has lived and loved for centuries! Look forward to a unique, strictly limited rarity from our estate with finesse, elegance and an impressive, fine perlage. Celebrate "400 years of Grans-Fassian" with us and this bottle!


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Grans-Fassian Riesling Limited



Quality level


Brut Nature


Grey slate

Drinking temperature

10-12 °C

Alcohol content

12 % vol.


Selective harvesting by hand, gentle pressing and cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Then sparkling in the bottle and ageing on the lees for several years.


Contains sulphites


750 ml

Price per litre

93,33 €

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